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Realty Capital is a recognized leader in traditional brokerage and transaction services.  Our experience, expertise and market knowledge has resulted in billions of dollars in transactions in office, industrial and retail tenant representation, investment property sales and land sales.

Our team has brought creative and successful solutions to hundreds of clients with specific, customized needs. Our advisory services help investor’s make decisions.

For an investor buying real estate, we assist with:

  1. Providing market knowledge and intelligence;
  2. Identifying properties that meet the investor’s criteria;
  3. Financial analysis and in-depth understanding of the physical characteristics of each identified property;
  4. Negotiating with the Seller or their agent to get the property under contract;
  5. Due diligence assistance to evaluate the property;
  6. Assist to bring the property to a successful transaction;
  7. Following up with you with market information.

For a property owner considering selling their asset, we provide a customized approach. We will assist with:

  1. Develop and present a Brokers Opinion of Value (BOV) to establish the pricing of the asset;
  2. Provide an aggressive marketing campaign, to ensure the property has visibility to our extensive broker database and all the on-line listings services;
  3. Targeted marketing to known buyers in the market for the particular property type;
  4. Review and filter all offers and potential purchasers;
  5. Negotiate purchase offers for the property;
  6. Assist to bring the property to a successful transaction.

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